Mattress Care

Mattress Care


DO flip and/or rotate your mattress for even and long term wear. Refer to our video on how to flip and/or rotate your mattress correctly.

DO keep your mattress clean and prevent cover soiling penetration by using a good quality mattress protector pad;

DO vacuum your mattress clean frequently

DO carton your mattress when moving it, ensuring it is stored on its side for well-brace protection;

DO replace your foundation when purchasing a new mattress, as old foundations may not provide proper support. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging when it is really the foundation, which supports the entire mattress.

DO ensure your mattress set (or mattress only) is installed to recommended Marshall standards to avoid damage from improper support which could invalidate your warranty. For further details, visit our set up guide and/or contact us.


DON’T place a board between the mattress and foundation as it causes permanent damage and voids the warranty

DON’T use cleaning solvents on the mattress as they will damage the mattress

DON’T remove validating trade or law labels

DON’T bend your mattress under any circumstances. Such treatment may damage the edge guard unit. Marshall makes special folding mattress for narrow spaces.

DON’T smoke in bed or place an open flame near the mattress. This mattress is manufactured to federal law requirements to retard or resist ignition but not necessarily eliminate it when exposed in this fashion