Marshall Mattress
The Creation
The Art of Creating a Bed

At Marshall, we believe that to be both comfortable and long lasting, mattresses and foundations must be constructed following a series of critical steps. Our sleep sets are handcrafted by experienced professionals, who take pride in their skill and ability to create luxury mattresses.

Marshall sleep sets are the culmination of years of thoughtful design, unwavering standards, efficient and careful application of the finest materials and assembled by hand using superior manufacturing techniques. It is this devotion to craftsmanship that sets Marshall apart. At its best, bed making is an art. Like all art, it requires a delicate balance of aesthetics and expertise. At Marshall, we have mastered this balance.

In practice Marshall takes a proactive, environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing. Our sleep designs show a sensible balance between natural source and new reclaimed materials that generate exceptional sleeping comfort and natural support.

To meet these goals Marshall maintains an ongoing program of product research and development to ensure our handcrafted sleep set designs remain in tune with our valued clientele's need for a great night's sleep. Consequently our customers tell us that a Marshall 'just feels better' and we find our beds continue to be enjoyed by more than one generation in the same family.

Marshall Absolute Luxury De-Constructed

Marshall patented* Pocket Spring Core and finished Mattress Design.

1. Edge-Around® full perimeter trim:  Triple-row heavy gauge, cotton-pocket spring seating-edge surrounds. Standard version has steel bracing edgewires top-and-bottom.  Folding version without edge-wires has additional ‘border’ coils to allow mattress to be bent in many directions for limited access installations into home.

2. Sleep Central™ honeycomb-nested cotton-pocket comfort springs.  Carefully hand-assembled in offset pattern row-by-row.

3. Core Flexible Encasement:  Marshall webbing plus compressed felt Posture Pads top-and-bottom are inner-tufted throughout.  Fully stabilized while retaining complete independent response.  Posture Pad is new reclaimed felted fibres material.

4. Foam Encasement:  Soy-foam upholstery interface top-and-bottom encases Marshall cotton-pocket spring core without restricting its individual independent action and personal response.

5. Comfort Top Pad:  Variable compression Talalay visco-acting "Memory-Latex” placed within fabric container offers harmonized comfort with inner Pocket Spring Core.

6. Comfort Top Quilt-1:  Soft recovery pillow-foam forms a breathable comfort layer on quilt fabric interface.

7. Comfort Top Quilt-2:  Soft Talalay pillow-foam; a breathable, denser comfort layer.

8. Comfort Top Quilt-3:  Air permeable New Zealand soft-wool pillow fibres moderate mattress sleep surface’s temperature and humidity exchange levels.

9. Comfort Top Quilt-4:  Air permeable Viscose Rayon soft-pillow fibres permit rapid heat and humidity exchange to maintain surface ambiance.

10. Comfort Top:  Imported Belgian viscose, circular-spun luxury-knit fabric.  Features ultra soft, resilient hand and is both breathable and naturally ambient for ultimate comfort.

*(CAN #2,234,839; US #6,295,676)